Welcome to your giant pre wedding questionnaire!

Please fill out the form as much as possible and make sure you have completed it by 4 weeks before your wedding.

It will take you a little while to complete, so make sure you’re settled in with a coffee, beer, glass of wine, or whatever tickles your fancy! The aim is for me to be 100% clued up with every detail so that all I need to concentrate on in the day is making the best possible story for you.

This questionnaire can’t be saved, so I’d advise you to aim to complete it in one go or keep it open in a window for you to keep coming back to.

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Now put your feet up and enjoy telling me all about your wedding - it’ll be here before you know it!

Partner #1 *
Partner #1
Bride's name (or first groom's details if same-sex wedding)
Partner #2 *
Partner #2
Groom's name (or second bride's details if same-sex wedding)
Name and address of venue
Name and address of reception venue
Names and relationship to you
Names and relationship to you
If you have a detailed timeline already, you can email it to me at
List family members/bridal party/friends that will be with you when you're getting ready (for both partners)
Wedding ceremony start time *
Wedding ceremony start time
i.e. civil/christian/catholic/jewish/muslim/other
i.e. Unusual traditions, surprises, photography restrictions, or anything out of the ordinary
Sometimes a first look takes the pressure off, and gives you a chance to get rid of the nerves before you see each other at the ceremony.
We'll only need around 15-20 minutes with just the two of you, and I generally let you use the time to catch up with each other, relax and take a breath while I take some snaps at the same time. If you would like your bridal party in the photos as well, I recommend they come straight after this time so that you still have some time to yourselves.
This is generally someone who knows the bulk of the guests, and isn't afraid to be strict in rounding up everyone quickly!
Unless it's pitch black, outside light is ALWAYS prettier than artificial light, if it's cloudy we can go anywhere, and if it's sunny I'll find an area of full shade for us to go.
I generally only need about 10 minutes for this part of the day - get your helper ready to round up everyone, and we'll make it quick and painless! A good time is often after the ceremony but before dinner, we can sneak away when it suits you, but couples often find it better to get it 'out of the way' so they can relax!
If so, please give me their name and relationship to you.
Is there a bus leaving at a certain time to get guests away?
i.e. are you wearing your grandmother’s garter or a special piece of jewellery? Did your best friend make your wedding dress and put a custom label inside?
divorces, deaths, difficult relationships
traditions, choreographed dances, etc
It is really helpful to find as much out about your suppliers as I can. Please fill in any relevant boxes and leave the ones out that don't apply to you.
i.e. photos of flowers for your florist, photos of your dress to the dressmaker etc. These are generally less personal photos and often won't even identify you if you don't like (i.e. close ups of the items rather than of you as a couple).
Please include designers, shoe makers, head dresses and anything else relevant.
If so, let me know your instagram names (give me the exact handle) so I can tag you.
I'm happy to tag you or keep you anonymous if you'd prefer.